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Analysis of projects in the field of Roma education


Activity 1:  a survey and an evaluation of the projects in the field of Roma education that have been completed so far; activity 1 shall present a starting point for the development of other forms of educational work with Roma children.


Several projects for the improvement of the situation of the Roma in Slovenia have been carried out so far. There is, however, no holistic overview, nor a survey about the broad range of projects and other activities that have been carried out so far (both nationally and internationally) for the improvement of the Roma community in Slovenia. Resulting from this, different ministries and foundations, are financing projects with a similar, or even with the same content, while - in some fields of education – there is still a lack of projects. Furthermore there is a deficiency of information about the effects of the particular measures taken and the activities preformed within these projects. In order to further improve the rise of social and cultural capital in Roma settlements, it is important to gain data about practices and activities that have proved efficient in these fields, as well as about those which have not. With a systematic overview and evaluation of the projects carried out so far, as well as of the work done in the filed of the education of Roma, the duplication of certain activities could be prevented. We would rather upgrade the past work and at the same time direct the planning of certain activities to the fields that have been overlooked so far.

The mentioned overview shall not be limited to collecting and reviewing research and project reports, but shall contain information on the effects of the performed measures as well. This information will be collected directly from the respective target population. This way it will become clear which measures and activities have had positive results and which have not. The reasons for a greater success of some activities and a minor one of some others will be known. A study on the aid for the Roma in the field of education, based on the SWOT analysis (PSPN matrix); will present the basis for possible changes and augmentations of activities, planned within this project.